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Browse our wide range of rare and exotic tropical and sub tropical plants to add a bit of sparkle to your garden!  New exotic plants are added regularly. Also shop our range of seeds, produce and garden supplies.  All prices include free shipping nationwide. 
Calina IPB9 True Dwarf Papaya
from $71.00 BND
Calamansi - Marcot
$107.00 BND
Jackfruit - J33 Sultan
$193.00 BND
White Dragonfruit - Rooted in Pot
from $71.00 BND
Exotica EasyMove Woven Planter Bag
from $16.00 BND
San Pedro Cactus
$93.00 BND
Rosella Plants
$71.00 BND
Longan - Kohala
from $143.00 BND
Sugar Cane Plant
$64.00 BND
American Paw Paw - Cold Tolerant
$86.00 BND
Kesar Mango Plant
$179.00 BND
Pecan Nut
$71.00 BND
Tropical Indian White Guava L49
$86.00 BND
Longan - Biew Kiew
from $143.00 BND
Insulin Plant - Orange Flower
$79.00 BND
Inga Bean Plant
$93.00 BND
Asian Lemongrass
$71.00 BND
EasyGraft – Grafting and Pruning Tool
$24.00 BND $40.00 BND
Coffee Arabica Plant - Matured
$86.00 BND
Medjool Dates
$86.00 BND
Jujube Plant
$193.00 BND
EasyMarcot - Plant Propagation Mould
from $11.00 BND $18.00 BND
Misi Luki - Banana
from $79.00 BND
Asian Turmeric Plant
$57.00 BND
Trifoliata Citrus
$71.00 BND
Indoor Kentia Palm
$107.00 BND
Portable Water Tank - Premium Grey Colour
from $86.00 BND $143.00 BND
All Spice
$129.00 BND
Reed Avocado - Grafted
$107.00 BND
Yacon – Earth Apple
$71.00 BND
Sweet Chestnut Plant - Grafted
$122.00 BND