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Plant Material Export & Tissue Culture Solutions

Plant Material Export & Tissue Culture Solutions

Bringing the Best of Subtropical Flora to the World

At ExoticANZ, we pride ourselves on being the forefront of global agriculture innovation and supply. Specialising in the export of plant cuttings, nursery stock, and advanced tissue culture technologies, we are your go-to partner for introducing premium subtropical plants into your agricultural projects, wherever you are in the world.

Your Gateway to Subtropical Cultivars

We offer an extensive range of plant materials suitable for most subtropical environments. Our expertise allows us to facilitate the export of highly demanded plant cuttings and nursery stock, ensuring that your agricultural endeavors are set for success. To comply with international biosecurity standards, it is essential that importing countries have clear import documentation that outlines the approved cultivars for import and the specific biosecurity requirements needed.

 Advanced Tissue Culture Technology

In collaboration with a leading tissue culture laboratory in Malaysia, equipped with cutting-edge technology, we offer tissue culture services for highly sought-after cultivars of banana plants and pineapple. This partnership underscores our commitment to delivering top-quality plant materials that meet the highest standards of agricultural excellence.

Advanced Tissue Culture Technology

Tailored Solutions for Your Agriculture Projects 

Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, we are ready to discuss specific requirements for plant material, seeds for propagation, or particular plant varieties. Please note that some new tissue culture materials may require up to 18 months of preparation before they can be released. Our team is here to guide you through the selection process to ensure that your needs are met with the highest level of satisfaction.

Exotic Nursery Stock for Export

Our nursery stock includes a variety of exotic species such as Durian, Mangosteen, Coconut, Mango, Longan,  Rambutan, Lanzones, Soursop, and many more. These varieties can be imported to your country, pending approval by your national Biosecurity department. We encourage you to make this your first point of contact to understand the requirements and regulations that apply to your import.

Tailored Solutions for Your Agriculture Projects

Get in Touch

For any enquiries or to discuss your project requirements in more detail, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is dedicated to providing the support and expertise you need to make your agricultural projects a success.

At ExoticANZ, we are committed to bringing the richness of subtropical flora to the global stage. Contact us today to explore how we can help you achieve your agricultural goals.