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All Spice


All Spice (Pimenta dioica)

This is a cutting grown All Spice plant from a very old tree that produces an abundance of berries - so there’s no need for female or male plants. The All Spice is also known as The Wonder Plant for its uniqueness. It works almost like a natural flavour enhancer in cooking and baking and is a well kept secret many do not wish to share.  What’s most fascinating about this plant is that it seems to possess a combination of the flavor of all spices! However, it has a flavour that is unique to itself. This remarkable plant is known by different names such as Jamaica Pepper, Kurundu, Myrtle Pepper, Pimenta, and Newspice.

The Allspice plant is a member of the Myrtle family. In Jamaican cuisine, the leaves of the plant play a role similar to that of Bay Leaves in Indian cooking. These leaves are normally used in regions where they are grown in greater quantity. The seeds of this plant are valuable as they are sun dried and used for medicinal purposes such as to treats colds and coughs. In India, the leaves of the All Spice plants are used for preparing meat dishes and chutneys. In America, they are used for preparing desserts such as cakes on account of the flavour they provide. They are also one of the most crucial ingredients used in Caribbean cuisine. 

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Plant Care


They like morning sun, but protect them from direct afternoon sun light. They are happier in a warm shaded area.


Plentiful water and seaweed juice. Do not like drought.


They love organic matter so soil rich with compost and free draining potting mix will be suitable.


Feed regularly like every 3 weeks with tropical plant fertiliser of NPK 20-20-20. Less in winter. In a container they need fertilising every 4 months best to use liquid fertiliser.


Not wind tolerant when young 


Protect from frost, do not like drought 


3 years for cutting grown