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Mysore - Banana


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Mysore Banana (Musa)

Mysore bananas are celebrated for their exceptionally sweet taste and delicate skin, placing them firmly in the dessert banana category. These bananas are distinctively short and plump, earning them the occasional nickname of "berry bananas" due to their uniquely sweet and tangy profile.

Growing predominantly in subtropical regions, the Mysore banana plant stands between 3-4 meters tall and is easily distinguishable by the pinkish-purple undertones on the midribs and rear of its young leaves. While they bear some resemblance to the Misi Luki variety found in New Zealand, the two are distinct. In India, the Mysore banana holds a significant place as a staple dessert fruit. With its hardy nature, it thrives particularly well in Northern New Zealand.


Plant Care  


Most types of banana plants prefer to grow in full sun meaning at least six hours of direct sunlight on most days. Some varieties can scorch easily and will do better in partial shade. 


Need a lot of water and plenty of moisture in the air. They do best when planted in groups fairly close together, as this helps to retain moisture in the leaves. Water regularly to make sure the soil stays evenly moist but not soggy. Avoid overwatering in winter, which can cause root rot. 


Well drained fertile soil and slightly acidic. They typically have poor tolerance for salt in the soil.


Apply a balanced fertilizer regularly throughout the growing season. Also, mix compost into the soil annually to raise the level of organic matter.


Slightly sensitive to wind except for some varieties like the Edible Honduran and the Australian Hybrids.


Frost tender, except for some varieties like the Edible Honduran and the Australian Hybrid.


After 10-15 months of growing time