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Macs Golden Cassimiroa / White Sapote - Grafted


Macs Golden Cassimiroa / White Sapote (Cassimiroa edulis) 

This variety (white flesh) produces very tasty, medium to large size, lemony flavoured, smooth fruit. Delicious,  sweet and highly addictive! Taste close to a beautiful mango!

Wonderful fruit the size of a large apple with a thin green skin. It’s a tall growing cassimiroa and has a very vigorous growth habit. It crops later than other varieties. Produce 2 crops per year or a very long fruiting season on July to October, and December to April.

The pulp is delicious, creamy and smooth, the flavour is sweet and rich. Generally fruit is mature if it comes easily from the tree with a gentle twist, changes to a lighter colour and is slightly soft to touch. Handle gently as they bruise easily. Store in a cool spot and eat within a few days of ripening. A prolific producer.

This variety is only available in a small number and not available in any big nursery or plant shops, highly sought after variety by the exotics plant growers in Nz and overseas.

Plant Care Instructions Doc

Plant Care 


Partial to full direct sunlight


Plenty of water around summer, less during winter. Never let the soil dry out or the roots to soak in water


Well-draining, mulch well to keep moist all year around


Feed with a weak liquid citrus fertiliser throughout the growing season. 


Keep away from strong wind. Young or small plants will require a wind break. Stake the plant to give support against wind


Frost tender when young, provide shade or cloth cover during winter


1-2 years for grafted and cutting grown. 4+ years from seedlings