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Golden Lotus Banana - Super Rare!


Musella Lasiocarpa

Probably the most interesting looking plant you ever seen, being a dwarfing banana plant, it blooms resembles a giant lotus flower that grows on the stem and lasted from several months to 2 years! Known as Chinese Mountain Banana or the Golden Lotus Banana, it is purely ornamental and does not produce edible fruit, though mature plants (2-3 years) make an unexpected accent for your sunroom with big colourful flowers and handsome leaves.

The underground stem (rhizome) is eaten as a vegetable, it flower is used for honey ad sometime fermented for wine making, the leaves are highly medicinal. 

The Golden Lotus banana is cold and wind tolerant as it is native to living 7500 feet of elevation in the Chinese mountains of Yunnan province. The plant is happy to be the centre of attention in your beautiful garden and happily grow in a large pot and reside as an indoor plant. A rare beauty you wont see this everyday, only a handful of rare plant collectors we knew have this Golden Lotus Banana in New Zealand, so here is your chance. One off offer only.

Plant Care 


Most types of banana plants prefer to grow in full sun meaning at least six hours of direct sunlight most days. Some varieties can scorch easily and will do better in partial shade. 


Need a lot of water and plenty of moisture in the air. They do best when planted in groups fairly close together, as this helps to retain moisture in the leaves. Water regularly to make sure the soil stays evenly moist but not soggy. Avoid overwatering in winter which can cause root rot. 


Well drained fertile soil and slightly acidic. They typically have poor tolerance for salt in the soil.


Apply a balanced fertilizer regularly throughout the growing season. Feed every 2 weeks in spring to Autumn. Also, mix compost into the soil annually to raise the level of organic matter.


Wind tolerant


Cold tolerant, best to cover the plant on frosty night, if the plant die back during winter, cut down the stem and cover with mulch it will come back again during spring with beautiful flowers.


After 2-3 years


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Rob Young
Banana plant

Again, an amazing plant and amazingly well packaged. This is a great, respectable business. Well deserving of 5 stars. Rob

Greg Parr
The Best

Great selection , excellent packing on plants . Well done all

Angela Prosser

Golden Lotus Banana - Super Rare!