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Ibadex Powdered Rooting Hormone 25g


Egmont's IBAdex gets its name from Indole-3-butyric acid (see? IBA is way better than attempting that mouthful). IBA is closely related in structure and function to a natural growth regulator found in plants.

IBA promotes growth and development of roots, flowers and fruits, and increases yield. Growers find it more effective and efficient than its natural counterpart because plants cannot break it down as quickly, so it acts for longer. Growers normally apply IBA to soil or as a spray.

Okay, science lesson over. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't call myself a grower, more a hobbyist. So how would we use IBA?

For home hobbyists like you and me, IBA is often used in a powder form as a dip, which is exactly what IBAdex is. It's a powdered rooting hormone that you dip your cuttings in to, then plant straight into substrate, to get that root growth humming. Easy peasy.

What types of plants can IBAdex be used for?

IBAdex is designed for 'soft-wood to semi hardwood' cuttings. A softwood cutting is one taken at the plant's tip, where new growth is taking place. At the top of any stem will be the current season's growth which will usually be brighter green, soft and pliable (the softwood). Further down the stem is growth from earlier in the year, called semi-hardwood. It'll be older so is typically a darker green in colour. Towards the bottom of the stem is last year's (and older) growth, normally brown, woody and quite literally harder - which is why it's called hardwood.

When the indoor plant obsessed propagate, we tend to live in a world of softwood cuttings, occasionally semi-hardwood. That's exactly what IBAdex is made for. 

Clip, dip & go!

IBAdex is as easy as clip, dip and grow. Tip a little out (I use the lid), and dip your freshly chopped cutting in to the powder (down to about 1.5cms), then plant in the substrate of your choice. Job done. 

Although you can dip your cutting directly in to the jar of IBAdex, I wouldn't. Better to tip some out in to a sterile container and dipping it that way so there's no risk of contaminating the rest. 

Although non-hazardous, IBAdex is not made to be used on food or feed crops.

No special storage needed.

IBAdex doesn't need anything fancy pants, No special storage or prep needed. Just keep the jar sealed and store in a cool, dry place, and it'll keep fresh for about 12 months.

25grams of propagation success

IBAdex comes in a 25 gram jar. The white plastic jar that measures 7.5cm tall by 4cm wide.

Propagation tips and tricks 

For best results when propagating, remember to feed. Rooting powder alone won't meet your plants needs once those roots start growing. You'll get better results from any type of growth booster if you also feed an NPK type fertiliser. Keep in mind the mainly inorganic, free-draining substrates we often prop our cuttings in is also largely deficient in nutrients - at a time our babies need more than usual to support fast, healthy growth.

During the early vegetative stage (that's when a plant is focused on roots, stem and leaf production), plants have a higher nitrogen requirement (that's a macro nutrient). Plant foods tell us the Nitrogen amount first (that's the first number in the NPK ratio, such as 9-3-6 with 9 being Nitrogen).

BUT what also matters is those micro nutrients. For example, during formation of new cells, calcium is needed in a big way (but in small amounts). It's only a micro-nutrient after all. But a plants ability to grow and thrive is determined by the nutrient it needs the LEAST of - not the most! Mind blown, I know. 

Except the problem is some nutrients can move around to where they're needed - like Nitrogen. But some are immobile - like Calcium. So once there's a deficiency, that's it for the life of that cell in the affected stem / leaf. No fixing that later. Your plant needs it at the time they're putting out new growth.