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Lychee (Hill)


Lychee (Litchi chinensis)

This Hill variety is grown from seeds of a heavily fruiting mother plant in Northland. The plant is 4 years old.

The Hill variety originated from Australia, it has large and sweet tasting and juicy fruit.
Native to South East Asia, the golf ball-sized tropical fruit looks similar to a strawberry. Its bumpy skin covers a translucent white flesh that’s a good source of Vitamin B, Vitamin C and potassium.

The lychee fruit has a sweet, aromatic taste to it. Some people say it tastes like a grape with a hint of rose, while others claim it tastes more like a pear or watermelon. The combination of sweet and tart means the lychee pairs well with other tropical flavours.

Although some seed grown plants are not true to type, they will still provide you with a delicious tasting fruit in years to come.

Plant Care  


Grow in full sun or partial shade.  They like humidity. Young plants need to be acclimatised slowly otherwise they will have heat burn on the leaves.


Like a lot of water especially during summer, water them every day. The soil must always be moist so ongoing watering is required throughout the year.


Well-draining. Happy to be in a large pot. Slightly acidic soil.


Weekly liquid fertilizing is important for their strong growth and maturity. Cut down fertilising to once a month during winter. General fertilising every 3-4 months will keep the plant healthy.


Fairly wind tolerant but young plant would need protection cover until they are established.


Will tolerate light frost and some freezing nights but will do better without. Young plants will need a protection cover.


1-3 years for grafted or cutting grown. 5+ years from seed. Will require a 100 chill hours during winter in order to bloom early spring and fruit will emerge during summer.


Pruning is only necessary when they are bigger and more bushy. Be wary when pruning branches as fruit blooms from the end of new shoots.