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Sapodilla Mega Plant


Sapodilla Mega (Manilkara zapota)

Super rare and limited stock!

The sapodilla, or brown sugar fruit as it's also named, is a deliciously sweet fruit that has a texture similar to a pear and a unique sugary flavour. The taste shares similarities with brown sugar, caramel and molasses.

Our Sapodilla Mega variety is originally from Malaysia. Named as Mega because of its extraordinary large sized fruit compare to the normal variety in the market. Mega can only be purchased in Malaysia, the flavours are exceptional, less gritty and extremely sweet. Sapodilla Mega is one superior variety as it is self-fertile, early fruiting and such a heavy producer.

The sapodilla fruit is widely distributed so can be found in fruit markets across South and Southeast Asia, South America and The Caribbean. As well as being simply enjoyed out of hand, the sapodilla are also often used in fruit shakes by mixing with milk, a touch of condensed milk and ice.

Plants are 12+ months. Some bigger plants will be available towards the end of  2023. Grafted Sapodilla are also available upon request 

Although some seed grown plants are not strictly true to type they will still be producing a great tasting fruit in years to come. Sapodilla Mega is self fertile and usually grown from seeds. The tree only provides fruit when it is fully matured. Height can grow up to 10m maximum but with pruning the plant can be kept like a canopy of 3m high. In perfect condition it fruits after 3 years. In NZ it might take between 4-8 years.

Plant Care Instructions Doc

Plant Care 


Full Sun. Warm, sunny position. Can tolerate shade. 


Needs regular watering especially when young. The tree tolerates dry conditions better than most fruit trees. Many mature sapodilla trees do just fine with no watering (climate dependent), but irrigation in the dry season does increase productivity. 


Sapodilla are well adapted to many types of soil. They grow naturally in limestone soils but trees flourish in deep loose clay or sandy loam. Good drainage is essential, trees perform poorly in low, wet locations. Sapodilla are highly drought resistant and are very tolerant of soil salinity. 


Planted trees need frequent small feedings during establishment. Fertilisers that contain 6-8% nitrogen, 2-4% available phosphoric acid and 6-8% potash give good results. Trees should be fertilised every two to three months during the first year. Start with 100 grams at first and gradually increase feedings to 400grams. After the first year, two to three applications per year are sufficient. Application amount should be increased with the increasing size of the tree. 




Frost tender, young plant to be covered during colder month and winter


4-8 years from seeds

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Sapodilla - Mega

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