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Thai White Guava


White Guava (Psidium guajava) 

Jumbo fruit, plant is about 18+ months. 

The Thai White guava has gained its popularity due to its super large sized fruit, mildly sweet, the white crunchy flesh is similar to an apple  with an edible seeds. The skin can be smooth and sometime bumpy too.  Thai White guavas are often eaten slightly under ripe and raw dipped in salt or sugar mixed with dried chili. They can be julienned and added to green mango or papaya salads. Fresh guava spears can be pickled and used on their own or as an accompaniment to roasted chicken. Chopped Thai White guava also goes well in sweet applications as an unusual pie filling or a crumble. A very fast and prolific producers it doesn't require much attention other than protection from frost when young. More hardy once established. Perfect for container growing.

The ripe guava can be halved and eaten from the shell or sliced and combined with other fruit. Guava can be pureed and made into sauces, sorbets, and mousses, or cooked down into a firm paste and sliced. It can be made into jellies, jams, and preserves. Guava can also be juiced.

In warmer regions guavas will ripen all year. Guava fruits usually mature in 3 to 4 months after flowering. There is a distinctive change in the color and aroma of the guava that has ripened. For the best flavor, allow fruit to ripen on the tree.

From 1 September 2022, it is not permitted to propagate, distribute, release or sell guava plants within the Auckland region. Exceptions apply if you are transferring an existing plant on your land to another location within the boundaries of the same property. As a result, all of our guava plants are being shipped from our nursery in Northland and we will not be able to sell or deliver the plant to addresses in the Auckland region.

Plant Care  


Full sun or part shade


Need regular watering during summer. Never leave the plant to dry.


Grows in all soil types, preferably in light and well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter. Perform well as a container growing plant.


Very hungry plant. Liquid fertiliser during growing season around Spring to late summer. 3-4 times a year with old chicken manure. 


Hardy, but prefer warm and less windy areas especially when still establishing.


Need protection from frost. Dormant around winter, plant can die off if overwatered then comes back the following growth season.


2-3 years


Trim in early spring after frosts have passed to encourage fresh foliage to develop


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Good quality plants and great service

I have purchased several plants from Exotica and they always maintain highest quality of plants, well package and fast great service. I highly recommend them. Am excited to taste my own grown tropical fruit.

Exotica is making my tropical ffood forest come true.

Richard Cliffe

Great plant really excited to watch it grow.