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Exotica NZ has made significant strides in promoting the diversification of New Zealand’s subtropical plant imports

We’re proud to share an important update with our community.

Through collaborative efforts with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), Exotica NZ has made significant strides in promoting the diversification of New Zealand’s subtropical plant imports. Our journey, characterised by commitment and substantial legal investment, mirrors a collective ambition for a more diverse horticultural landscape in our nation. 
Over the last two years, alongside our legal team at Guardianz Law, we have diligently worked within the legal and biosecurity frameworks. This process has been key in highlighting the potential importation of exotic varieties like Grafted Rambutan and Grafted Mangosteen plants for MPI’s consideration. 
We recognise and value MPI’s essential role in maintaining our country’s biosecurity and environmental health. Their openness to examining new possibilities in plant importation has been crucial. Our efforts have been in conjunction with MPI’s regulatory framework, aiming to enrich New Zealand’s horticultural offerings responsibly. 
As MPI initiates public consultation on this matter last week, we invite our community to engage and provide supportive feedback. Your perspectives and encouragement are vital in shaping a future that sees a range of diverse subtropical plants flourish in New Zealand’s unique ecosystem. 
Our work has caught the attention of the New Business Review (NBR). They’ve recently covered the MPI’s public engagement on our plant import application. Dive deeper into this story here:

To those who doubt our vision - We’re committed to progressing New Zealand’s horticulture industry. Our goal isn’t just about diversifying plant varieties; it’s about enhancing the quality and taste of our produce. Exotica NZ is leading the way in this transformative journey, in 5-10 years time, we hope people would remember that Exotica Nz did it so that Kiwi growers could have access to this amazing variety of plants in Nz as we hope they would be commercially viable growing under plastic.
Our recent meeting with Malaysian horticulture and biosecurity officials has opened doors for us to import and distribute their plants and related products to NZ and worldwide. This achievement is a testament to our dedication and credibility, both in New Zealand and internationally. 
Have Your Say with MPI

This is your chance to make a difference! Share your thoughts on our Grafted Plants import plan with MPI. Your input could be a game changer for plant enthusiasts across New Zealand. Participate in the survey here: