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Browse our wide range of rare and exotic tropical and sub tropical plants to add a bit of sparkle to your garden!  New exotic plants are added regularly, and the prices include free shipping nationwide. 
Meiwa Kumkuat- Grafted and Matured
¥607.00 CNY
Grumichama - Brazilian Cherry
¥873.00 CNY
Canistel Plant - Aurea
¥950.00 CNY
Japanese Raisin Plant
¥454.00 CNY
Asian Turmeric Plant
¥302.00 CNY
Sapodilla Mega Plant
¥1,026.00 CNY
Soapnut Plant -The Natural Wonder
¥1,140.00 CNY
Giant Soursop Plant - Arusha
¥1,064.00 CNY
Jujube Plant
¥1,026.00 CNY
Tropical Indian White Guava L49
¥454.00 CNY
Abiu Plant
¥1,026.00 CNY
Coffee Arabica Plant - Matured
¥454.00 CNY
Rosella Plants
¥378.00 CNY
Jackfruit - J33 Sultan
¥1,026.00 CNY
White Mulberry Morus Alba
¥378.00 CNY
Ardisia Crenata - Christmas Berry
¥530.00 CNY
Indoor Kentia Palm
¥568.00 CNY
Blue Java - Banana (Cold Tolerant & Hardy)
from ¥759.00 CNY
High Noon - Dessert Banana
from ¥530.00 CNY
Sweet Chestnut Plant - Grafted
¥645.00 CNY
South African Curry Leaf
¥454.00 CNY
Fijian Curry Leaf - Extra Large
¥759.00 CNY
Casimiroa Garry White Sapote
¥454.00 CNY
Cherimoya - Burton’s Favourite
¥492.00 CNY
Insulin Plant - Orange Flower
¥416.00 CNY
All Spice
¥683.00 CNY
Medjool Dates
¥454.00 CNY
San Pedro Cactus
¥492.00 CNY
American Paw Paw - Cold Tolerant
¥454.00 CNY
Calamansi - Marcot
¥568.00 CNY
Calina IPB9 True Dwarf Papaya
from ¥378.00 CNY