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The United States now requires a “Small Seed Lot Permit” for imported seed. We strongly recommend you obtain a Small Seed Lot ePermit as this will avoid the risk of having your order stopped or confiscated by U.S. Customs.

ePermits must be obtained by the importer (you); it is a simple process and can be applied for online at no cost. The ePermits are valid for 3 years and allow for multiple seed imports.

Further information: United States Department of Agriculture Small Seed Lots

To assist you in understanding the process in obtaining a Permit we have noted the process below:

Register Online
with USDA

Before you can apply for an e-permit online, you first must register online for an eAuthentication USDA Level 2 Account. Once you have registered you can then apply for your ePermit online (Step 2).

Apply Online for a Small Seed Lot Permit

Apply for an ePermit online as this is the fastest, most economical way to apply. ePermit approval by the USDA normally takes 2 or 3 days and will be sent via email to your inbox.

Email ePermit to ExoticaNZ

Once you have received your approved ePermit and one green and yellow shipping label from the USDA, please send us an email to andattach the approved e-permit to the email.  

Want to order without a permit?

If you wish for ExoticaNZ to ship your order without a USDA ePermit, you will need to confirm during checkout that you agree to take full responsibility if your order is lost or confiscated by US customs/quarantine.


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Important Information for International Buyers

    1. We ship internationally with a Phytosanitary Certificate when required.
    2. Import laws, regulations, and requirements change regularly please confirm with your local authority to find out what documentation may be required for each species you intend to import.
    3. Customs and or quarantine requirements can change regularly resulting in your authorities not accepting shipments that do not have the correct documentation to import the seed. They may send the shipment back, destroyed or recover the additional cost from the importer.
    4. Unfortunately, we do not know all quarantine restrictions that may be applicable to your country or state therefore all orders are shipped on the understanding that we have no control over any restrictions whatsoever and this responsibility is solely with the purchaser to ensure they meet their countries requirement and supply ExoticaNZ with any additional requirement that may be required to import their order.
    5. ExoticaNZ can only provide export and import information as a guide, it should not be used as a county's authority to import any goods.
    6. Further information regarding plants permits: