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Exotica Plant & Garden Supplies

Browse our wide range of rare and exotic tropical and sub tropical plants to add a bit of sparkle to your garden!  New exotic plants are added regularly, and the prices include free shipping nationwide. 
Calina IPB9 True Dwarf Papaya
from $71.00 SGD
Calamansi - Marcot
$107.00 SGD
Queen Pineapple
Sold Out
Jackfruit - J33 Sultan
$193.00 SGD
Exotica EasyMove Woven Planter Bag
from $16.00 SGD
White Dragonfruit - Rooted in Pot
from $71.00 SGD
Davidson's Plum
Sold Out
Calamansi - Grafted
Sold Out
Thai White Guava
Sold Out
Black Mulberry
Sold Out
San Pedro Cactus
$93.00 SGD
Rosella Plants
$71.00 SGD
Longan - Kohala
from $143.00 SGD
Sugar Cane Plant
$64.00 SGD
Kesar Mango Plant
$179.00 SGD
Cinnamon Plant
Sold Out
American Paw Paw - Cold Tolerant
$86.00 SGD
Kent Mango Plant
Sold Out
Sold Out
Pecan Nut
$71.00 SGD
Pink Pineapple
Sold Out
Tropical Indian White Guava L49
$86.00 SGD
Insulin Plant - Orange Flower
$79.00 SGD