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Our Story

Welcome to our world, where the enchantment of exotic plants and the discovery of unique flavours unite. We prioritise excellence in everything from packaging to delivery, aiming to delight our customers. Our foundation is built on robust horticultural research and development, to not only enhance productivity and refine processes but also diversify our offerings to include a range of health-focused food products that cater to busy lifestyles, while ensuring our practices meet and exceed international quality standards through partnerships with local and overseas manufacturers.

Nestled in New Zealand’s Far North, our orchard is a testament to the diversity and viability of growing an extensive range of tropical fruits and plants on a commercial scale. From the sweetness of papayas to the zest of pineapples, the vibrant hues of dragon fruit to the rich textures of guavas, the lush greenery of sugar cane to the bountiful of bananas, our collection showcases a remarkable variety.

Exotica NZ Nursery
Exotica NZ Nursery

Our Foundation

Our story starts in a simple home, closely intertwined with a modest family orchard, where under the watchful guidance of a botanist father, we first connected with the rhythms of the earth. Our mother, a chef and entrepreneur, guided us through the intricacies of flavour, the art of blending herbs, and the craft of traditional medicine. This blend of experiences instilled in us a rich legacy in the botanical and culinary worlds.

Exotica NZ Our Foundation
Exotica NZ Our Foundation

Cultivating Passion

Raised in an environment that revered both the garden and the kitchen for over 20 years, we learned early on the importance of care and creativity. This environment shaped our vision, driving us to explore and nurture a diversity of plant and fruit varieties, enhancing our offerings with unique and sought-after tastes.

Cultivating Passion Exotica NZ
Cultivating Passion Exotica NZ

Exotica Flowers

In 2022, Exotica Flowers marked a new chapter, with 15 acres in Northland devoted to hydrangeas. This expansion allowed us to refocus on the local market, demonstrating our adaptability and resilience.

Exotica NZ Flowers
Exotica NZ Flowers

A Global Melange of Flavours and Colours

Our Northland orchard embodies our dedication to diversity and excellence, housing a collection of tropical fruit trees and herbs. This initiative not only enhances local biodiversity but also strengthens our global connections, bringing exotic fruit seeds and varieties to New Zealand.

Global Melanage
Global Melanage

We cultivate everything from citruses to peppers, fiery hot chillies, succulent mangoes, hearty bananas, jackfruit, longans, and starfruit, to the creamy goodness of cherimoyas, Jaboticaba, and avocados. Our orchard even embraces the subtlety of sapote in shades of yellow, white, black, and green. Not to mention, a plethora of Asian herbs flourish here, each adding its unique note to the symphony of flavours we’re proud to cultivate. This vibrant array is not just for our personal enjoyment but is grown on a scale that allows for commercial distribution, proving that our passion for exotic horticulture can thrive far from its traditional home.

Exotica NZ Papaya

Korunui - The Essence of Excellence

Korunui captures our core values: quality, authenticity, and sustainability. Our gourmet vanilla beans, cultivated in fertile soils in Malaysia, and our range of potent liquid extracts of traditional herbs, selected for their healing properties, cater to modern, health-focused lifestyles

Korunui Vanilla

Exotica Tropical - Bridging Innovation and Tradition

Launched in 2024 after extensive R&D, Exotica Tropical offers freeze-dried exotic fruits, chosen to satisfy fruit lovers and plant enthusiasts. This line highlights our dedication to innovation, health, and culinary discovery with more ranges of product lines to be released throughout the year.

Our story is a blend of resilience, innovation, and a profound bond with nature, celebrating the bountiful gifts of the earth and enhancing lifestyles worldwide.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, where tradition and excellence merge, driven by a commitment to enrich lives through innovation, quality, and sustainability.

Exotica Tropical