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Cashew Nut (Anacardium Occidentale)

Delivery is expected after 1/11/2022.

Super rare and limited stock for this unbelievable price! This is a Cashew Nut Plant with sweet Red Apple. The cashew seeds itself iare fatter and the nuts have higher content of minerals, protein and fatty acids. The Red Apple tastes delicious almost similar to a sweet and soft Guava flesh. The Red Apple are often turn into beverages like juices, wines and other alcoholic drink. 

One of the rarest and hardest to source and propagate, the Cashew Nut is one of those top 10 plants that every Plant Enthusiast needs to have. They grow with little care possible in hot country like Asia but will need a warm climate here to thrive. Really beautiful specimen plant in the garden and they grow very fast. The young shoot is used traditionally used to treat stomach ache and it taste great as a salad!

Cashew nut trees are attractive trees with large leaves and pretty, pink flowers.
Cashews, as you know them, are nuts. But the cashew nut is not the only fruit of the cashew trees. Or rather, the cashew nut is only a part of the cashew fruit.

The other part is called the cashew apple. (Although pear would suit it much better.) And if I wanted to be super accurate then I'd have to point out that the cashew apple is actually the swollen stem of the fruit.

Plant Care


Partial shade


Need regular watering during summer.


Well drained and moist soil, they don’t like wet feet


Use fertiliser that contains nitrogen and phosphorus, and also possibly zinc. 


Need protection against high wind


Light frost tolerant but will not cope with cold wind


 Flowering and set fruit during winter


Not necessary as leaves will die off during winter time usually and come back again around spring time.