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Cherimoya - Bronceada - Grafted


Size: Large

Bronceada Cherimoya (Annona cherimola)

Bronceada variety of Cherimoya has green nondescript winged fragrant flowers borne in spring followed by large green heart shaped knobbly fruit. Creamy white juicy flesh which is soft, delicate and has the taste and consistency of custard.

Enclosed in the flesh are large black seeds, they come away easily. The fruit has a delightful fruity fragrance, sweet flavour.

Bronceada forms a small upright tree approximately 5m high. The olive-green leaves are large (20cm in length) and oval in shape. The undersides of the leaves are soft and velvety. Performs well in cooler climates.

Size - Tree will reach a mature height of 5 to 6m.

Most Cherimoyas are true to type and self - pollinated. However hand pollination might be required for certain varieties; we recommend buying two plants for cross pollination and to improve the quality of taste.

Small -  up to 1 year
Medium - 1-2 years
Large - 2-3 years
Extra Large - 3+ years

Plant Care  


Partial to full direct sunlight


Plenty of water around summer, less during winter. Never let the soil dry out or the roots to soak in water


Well-draining, mulch well to keep moist all year around


Every 4 weeks from spring to autumn. Mulch and use any decomposed animal manure as well as fertiliser with high in Potassium. Foliar feeds are also beneficial 


Keep away from strong wind. Young or small plants will require a wind break. Stake the plant to give support against wind


Frost tender when young, provide shade or cloth cover during winter


1-2 years for grafted and cutting grown. 3+ years from seedlings