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Citrus Fertiliser 3kg


Citrus Fertiliser

The fragrance from citrus tree blossoms and the bountiful supply of fruit are good reasons to ensure your trees are healthy from the start. Citrus fertiliser provides essential nutrients that will give you flavourful fruit as well as an attractive, healthy tree.

Recommended for use on Lemons, Oranges, Grapefruit, Mandarins, Tangelos and Limes. At Exotica we use Citrus Fertiliser in almost all of our subtropical plants and it works wonders!!

N = Nitrogen (6) Nitrogen generates rich, thick green growth in all plants.
P = Phosphorus: (6) Phosphorus stimulates quick seed growth, root formation and quickens maturity.
K = Potassium: (6) The “Plant Medicine” – Protects against disease, maintaining overall plant health and also promotes strong flower growth.
Mg = Magnesium: (1.5) Necessary for the production of chlorophyll, remedy for magnesium deficiencies (yellowing of mature leaves with white stripes between leaf veins) and is ideal for plants with a magnesium requirement, i.e.: citrus.

How to use Citrus Fertiliser:

Plant your citrus tree in a warm sunny protected area in free draining soil. Do not plant any deeper in the ground than it was in the bag it came in. Compost mixed into the soil in the bottom of the hole will give a good head start.

Spread 1 cup of Citrus Fertiliser (approx. 200g) per square metre around tree, work in lightly taking care not to come in contact with the bark. Water well after planting.

Apply Citrus Fertiliser as a top dressing in September and February, scattering 1 cup (200g) per square metre, work lightly into soil and water well.

Wear gloves and avoid contact with skin, eyes or inhalation.
Wash hands after use. 

Tightly sealed bag in cool, dry area.