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French Sugar Fig

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French Sugar Fig (Ficus carica)

Large fruit with dark green skin and succulent pale pink flesh. Sweet tasting just like its named ‘Sugar’. Heavy cropper. Later fruiting.

The delectable and desirable fruit of the Fig is full of calcium, iron, and Vitamins. Not only good for you they taste great too.

This highly ornamental tree produces medium sized fruit with green skin and red sweet flesh. Harvest fruit in summer and again in autumn. Deciduous.

Plant Care  


Require 8 hours a day of full sun and long hot summers to produce fruit.


Like regular water when first planted, but will tolerate drought once the tree is established. Water deeply at least once a week the first year


Well drained fertile soil, slightly alkaline


Young plants  only need  30g doses  of general fertiliser once a month as soon they produces leaves. Established trees require less feeding, preferably 500g for each metre of height once at the end of winter, once halfway through spring and then a final fertilizing at the height of summer.

Avoid using a high nitrogen, fast release fertiliser. This will promote strong leaf growth at the expense of fruit production. Opt for a bloom boosting fertiliser with long nutrient release. They also like old composed manure added twice yearly.


Sensitive to wind, protection cover is needed when plant is small.


Some tolerance of cool climates, frost, and short periods of dry. Fig trees need winter protection in areas where the temperatures will drop below zero.


2-3 years. Grafted plant will be quicker.