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General Garden Fertiliser 3kg


General Garden Fertiliser is suitable for the whole garden and perfect as your regular fertiliser of subtropical plants if the plants are generally healthy.  

By replenishing nutrients in the soil and promoting healthy vigorous growth, General Garden Fertiliser ensures your garden is flourishing year round.

N = Nitrogen (6) Nitrogen generates rich, thick green growth in all plants.
P = Phosphorus: (6) Phosphorus stimulates quick seed growth, root formation and quickens maturity.
K = Potassium: (6) The “Plant Medicine” – Protects against disease, maintaining overall plant health and also promotes strong flower growth.
S = Sulphur: (6) Soil and plant food that restores optimum growth.
Mg = Magnesium: (1.5) Necessary for the production of chlorophyll, remedy for magnesium deficiencies (yellowing of mature leaves with white stripes between leaf veins)


Replaces nutrients in the soil

Encourages healthy and vigorous plant growth

Promotes healthy fruit and vegetables

Promotes bright blossoming flowers

Suitable for use on flowers, trees, shrubs and vegetables

How to use General Garden Fertiliser:

When Planting perennials (shrubs, trees, roses etc.) a handful of General Garden Fertiliser mixed in with the soil in the planting hole will give a good head start.

As a top dressing for seedlings, spread ½ cup (approx. 100g) of General Garden Fertiliser per square metre around trees or shrubs, keeping it away from young roots. 

For row planting (Annuals such as vegetables or flowers) spread ½ cup of General Garden Fertiliser along both sides of the row, keeping out of direct contact with seedlings. Rake into the soil and water well.

After Planting apply 1 cup (200g) of General Garden Fertiliser per square metre in spring and autumn. 

For vegetables and annual flowers apply 200g of General Garden Fertiliser per square metre monthly or during periods of active growth. Spread evenly over the soil, rake in lightly and water well.

Wear gloves and avoid contact with skin, eyes or inhalation.
Wash hands after use. 

Store: tightly sealed bag in cool, dry area.