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MAX Tapener HT-R


MAX Tapener Gun HT-R is the new lighter weight high speed single handed tape gun for dispensing, stapling & cutting tape for plants, vines and trees.

We highly recommend MAX Tapener if you need to stake young plants and vines. The tapener is way much faster than hand tying, so pays for itself very quickly. Also uses less tape than hand tying. 

First squeeze grabs the tape. Put around stake and plant. Second squeeze staples the loop shut and cuts it off. Maximum binding capacity of 50 mm (~2"). HT-R models are more durable and need less hand pressure than the previous HT-B models.

The MAX tapener gun wraps tape around the stem, then cuts the tape and staples it securely in one action. Staples and Tape sold separately. Suitable for use with 15um (Standard) and 25um (Heavy Duty) Thick tape in either, BOVI, MAX or DURA variety.