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Sulphate of Potash 3kg


Known as the ‘PLANT MEDICINE’, Sulphate of Potash improves flower colour and quality while increasing crop size and flavour. High in potassium, which is required in large amounts by all flowering and crop bearing plants, Sulphate of Potash also strengthens plant resistance to disease and improves the general health of your plants.

K = Potassium: (40) The “Plant Medicine” – Protects against disease, maintaining overall plant health and also promotes strong flower growth.
S = Sulphur: (18) Soil and plant food that restores optimum growth.

Great source of Potassium for plants – essential for all flowering and crop bearing plants


Encourages flower bud development

 Improves flower quality, colour & fragrance

Increases vegetable crop size & flavour

Increases stem strength

Increases resistance to pests & diseases

Mix with Blood & Bone for a complete fertiliser

How to use Sulphate of Potash:

In planting beds spread ¼ cup of Sulphate of Potash (approx. 50gms) per square metre. Incorporate into the soil and water well. 

When planting rows side dress approximately ¼ cup of Sulphate of Potash along both sides of each row, and water well.

Established trees and shrubs can be fertilised in spring and autumn by scattering ¼ cup (approx. 50gms) around the base of the plant. Work lightly into the soil and water well.

Always avoid leaves and stems of plants.

Wear gloves and avoid contact with skin, eyes or inhalation.
Wash hands after use. 

Store: tightly sealed bag in cool, dry area.

Not recommended use in pots or containers.