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Super Phosphate 3kg


Widely use in commercial horticulture industry to promote a larger flowers and more fruits produce. It is also an ideal maintenance fertiliser or where immediate response is required. 

Super Phosphate is essential in increasing the blooms and fruit on your plants leads to higher yields. 

Superphosphate compensates for soil phosphate deficiency which is quite common. It helps stimulate strong seed growth, promoting root formation and encouraging plants to mature more quickly.

Super Phosphate can be mixed easily with other products if required but cannot be mixed with UREA which will cause mix to harden. 

When to Use?

Use Superphosphate directly at planting is the best time to use superphosphate. This is because it promotes root formation. It is also useful when plants are beginning to fruit, supplying nutrients to fuel larger fruit production. During this period, use the nutrient as a side dressing

As for the actual timing, it is recommended that the product is used every four to six weeks during the growing season. In perennials, apply in early spring to jump start healthy plants and blooming. There are granular preparations or liquids. This means you may choose between soil application, foliar spray, or watering in the nutrients. Since superphosphate may tend to acidify the soil, using lime as an amendment can restore soil pH to normal levels. 

How to Apply Superphosphate?

When using a granular formula, dig small holes just at the root line and fill them with equal amounts of fertiliser. This is more efficient than broadcasting and causes less root damage. When applying granules, be sure none adhere to leaves. Wash plants off carefully and always water in any fertilisers thoroughly. Superphosphate can be a very useful tool to increase crop yield, improve plant health, and make your fruit or flowers the envy of everyone on the block.

Wear gloves and avoid contact with skin, eyes or inhalation.
Wash hands after use. 

Store: tightly sealed bag in cool, dry area.

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Yousef Ibrahim
Super phosphate

Item arrived after 5 or 6 days. I haven't tried it yet but i hope it gives good results. Thanks