At Exotica, our commitment to quality extends to our extensive wholesale offerings across various product lines.

Exotica Plants & Garden Supplies

We provide a wide range of nursery stocks and garden supplies such as Collapsible Water Tanks, Long Tap Root Bags, EasyMove Bags, EasyGraft, and EasyShear, all available for wholesale.

Exotica Fresh Produce 

We have range of fresh produce grown at our own orchard available at wholesale and perfect for food services. 

Exotica Flowers

Our beautiful hydrangeas are available in bulk or wholesale during their season from December to April, ensuring florists and retailers have access to these stunning blooms.

Exotica Tropical

We feature a selection of premium products, including our Freeze-Dried Tropical Fruit and Powder range, available wholesale for retail and bulk purchases for food services

Korunui - From Land to Hand

Our exclusive brand Korunui offers a curated collection of products available wholesale for retail, with a warm welcome extended to inquiries from overseas distributors.

Exotica Seafood & Meat

We are proud to supply our seafood range locally and for export. Registered with the Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) New Zealand as a seafood and meat exporter, we offer premium quality New Zealand meat such as beef and lamb.
No matter what you need, our wholesale team is dedicated to assisting with any inquiries about our wholesale product range. Kindly email us at wholesale@exoticanz.com, and we will be delighted to help you with your needs.