5 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Organic Plant Fertiliser At Home

5 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Organic Plant Fertiliser At Home

Let me teach you on how to make your own organic plants fertiliser at home from scrap.

This fertiliser are great to improve root condition, encourage growth of plants and induce flowering for fruit. You can also use in a smaller amount for vegetables by adding more water to dilute the concentration. This secret organic plant food is perfect blend and can be used as foliar fertiliser as well.

How to make it? 5 Easy Steps

  1. Half cup of banana peel (green or yellow peels are fine)
  2. Half cup of soft brown sugar
  3. Half cup of fish guts or dried anchovies
  4. Blend these with 500ml of tap water. Spring water will be much better.
  5. Keep the blend in a bottle or pot, covered and keep it in a dark area for a week. Once this is done, use a small sieve to discard the leftovers. Add another litre of water. Keep the liquid gold back in the bottle and use it weekly during plant growing period. Spring time right through summer would be ideal. During winter only use it as foliar fertiliser once every 2-3 weeks.

    How to  make your own plant fertilizer in 5 easy steps

Use Anchovies to Make Your Own Organic Plant Fertiliser At Home

How to use it?

  1. Take 5ml of concentrated liquid fertiliser and mix with 1litre of water. Add another 2 litre of water if the size of plants is lower than your knee height. Feed your plants according to their age/size or as needed.
  2. For vegetables - dilute 5ml of concentrated liquid gold with 5 litre of water instead. Feed your plants regularly.
  3. Now you can make your own organic fertiliser at home! Remember the ratio of banana peels, soft brown sugar and fish guts/prawn head or skin/anchovies need to be the same amount to make a well balanced mixture.
  4. Any leftovers can be kept in a dark area for up to 6 weeks.

Good luck!
Rose @ exoticanz