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ExoticaNZ is a boutique online store growing and selling rare
and exotic plants and associated supplies throughout New Zealand.
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Featured Plants

White Dragonfruit

All our Dragonfruit plants and cuttings are from matured and fruiting mother plants aged between 4 to 7 years. They are healthy, strong and well established. Our rooted plants in a pot are also very well established. 

The white flesh Dragonfruit has tiny black seeds and stunning contrast of the outer skin and the inside flesh. It has a mildly sweet taste and the common variety grown in the world.

Jaboticaba Sabara
(Plinia cauliflora)

Jaboticaba is the Brazilian term for four very similar species of Plinia that produce one of the more interesting-looking tropical fruit trees in the upper North of New Zealand. 

This plant is cauliflorous, meaning that its flowers and fruit are borne directly on the woody stems and trunk of the tree. Jaboticaba is native to southeastern Brazil, as well as parts of Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina and, because of that southerly origin, mature specimens can tolerate periods of brief light frost.

Blue Java Banana (Musa)

A highly sought after banana plant. Extremely beautiful fruit as it is. You got to be the real collector of rare plants to appreciate it.

Note that this is a real banana plant that will grow into full size plant and fruit and it is not an ornamental banana.

Blue Java Bananas are known as "ice cream bananas" because they have a creamy texture and flavor that's oddly reminiscent of vanilla custard. The bananas themselves are fluffier and creamier than your typical banana.

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We offer helpful service & support for help with choosing the right plants, planting tips and ongoing care for your plants

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