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We run a commercial hydrangea nursery in Far North of New Zealand

We send thousands of flowers each week to the United Flower Growers in Auckland for auction.

Prior to Covid 19 lockdown, most of the flowers were sent to Japan for export. Our flowers are in high demand as we are specialised in antique colours of hydrangeas, snow ball and also have pink, purple, white, blue and mixed varieties.

We supply flowers to the local florists, the wedding venues, private functions and funeral homes. Currently the season runs from December to May. Weather permitted, the season may be extended so you could enjoy our beautiful hydrangeas for a lot longer. 

If you want to know more about our beautiful flowers please email us at

Exotica NZ Fresh Flower Nursery  Hydrangeas for Sale

About us

Hi, I'm Rose

Hello and welcome to
Exotica NZ - Plant Enthusiasts!

The idea of creating this business stemmed from my deep interest in growing tasty fruit trees in New Zealand - especially those unusual, interesting and rare varieties of subtropical origin. We also grow and sell seeds for planting and garden supplies.

Recently, as you can see above, we have extended our operation to growing stunning flowers in our Far North Nursery.

Email me with any questions you have. I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you again for your support. Rose x