Welcome to Exotica Flowers, a hidden gem nestled in the Far North of New Zealand, where the art of cultivating hydrangeas is not just a business, but a passion. Our farm is a vibrant canvas of hydrangeas, blooming in an array of mesmerizing colors including purple, blue, pink, and pristine white. We take special pride in our unique Snowballs and Antique colored hydrangeas, a testament to our dedication and expertise. 

Exotica NZ Fresh Flower Nursery Hydrangea Growing Exotica NZ - Hydrangea Green

In a world that has been reshaped by the events of 2020, our commitment to quality and beauty remains unwavering. Prior to the global shifts brought about by Covid, our exquisite hydrangeas found their way to the discerning markets of Japan. However, as we adapted to the new normal, we realized the growing local demand for our flowers. This inspired us to focus exclusively on the local market, ensuring that our fellow New Zealanders have uninterrupted access to our blooms. 

Our hydrangeas are now a celebrated feature at the UFG (United Flower Growers) Auction in Auckland, a testament to their unparalleled quality and beauty. This strategic shift has enabled us to forge a stronger connection with our local community, including direct supply to florists who seek nothing but the best for their discerning clientele. 

Exotica NZ Fresh Flower Nursery Far North New Zealand
Exotica NZ Fresh Flower Nursery Far North New Zealand
Exotica NZ Fresh Flower Nursery Far North New Zealand

At Exotica Flowers, we are more than just cultivators; we are custodians of natural elegance. Our commitment extends beyond growing hydrangeas - we nurture each plant to ensure that it reaches its fullest potential in beauty and vibrancy. Our flowers stand as a testament to our dedication, perfect for enriching life’s most significant moments. Whether it’s the joyous celebration of a wedding, the solemnity of a funeral, the achievement of a graduation, or the formality of a conference, our hydrangeas add a special touch of splendor. 

Exotica NZ Fresh Flower Nursery Pale Yellow Hydrageas for Sale
Exotica NZ Fresh Flower Nursery White Hydrageas for Sale
Exotica NZ Hydrangea White
Exotica NZ Hydrangea Light Blue
Exotica NZ Hydrangea Green Blue

For those seeking to infuse their events with the timeless beauty of our hydrangeas, we warmly invite you to get in touch. Contact us at hello@exoticanz.com, and let our flowers be the highlight of your special occasions.