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Through collaborative efforts with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), Exotica NZ has made significant strides in promoting the diversification of New Zealand’s subtropical plant imports.
We have summarised the ‘Top 13 Tips on Cultivating Banana Plants’ here for you to follow.
5 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Organic Plant Fertiliser At Home plus tips on how to use it.
Top Tip for Propagating Banana Plants. Bigger Fruit, Stronger Stems & Shorter Plants.
How can you tell the “gender” of the Papaya fruit you are eating? Find out...
Did you know the Jackfruit tree has both male and female flowers? Here's something you won't typically find in a book!
Rose provides some great tips on how to care for your vanilla plant at home. 

I get asked this question a lot: "Rose, what can I use the Kaffir Limes fruit for?". Did you know about these two unusual ways to use the kaffir lime leaves & fruit?

A common question we get here at Exotica NZ is about how best to replant or repot plants. We hope these 22 helpful tips will help you get the best results.
Find out more about how long it takes for a tree to bear fruit and what the typically time frames for certain types.
Follow our easy step by step guide to planting sub tropical fruit trees in the ground, along with helpful info about how long it takes for a tree to bear fruit and what the typical fruiting times are.