Exotica NZ - Helpful article - Why you should remove the suckers off the papaya plant stem

Why should you remove the suckers off the papaya plant stem?

Do you want to know why we need to remove all the suckers off the papaya plant stem? Would you also like to know how you can clone those suckers? Watch this video!

I quickly show you why its important to prune or tidy up your papaya plant. I've mentioned before in a previous video about its important to remove all the new growth on the stem.  They are like the suckers for the plant and they grow quite fast but they are not the bad suckers of the plant. When they grow and shoot, they actually also have flowers which is like another plant, on the plant. Yes, it's nice to have more fruit, but you want to have bigger and higher quality fruit.  If you have lots of suckers that are giving you more fruit on the tree, you might have 60 or 70 fruit on the tree, but your fruit will be less sweet because they have to share the nutrients and they have feed lots of leaf and feed lots of fruit from the suckers as well.

In the video I show you how I would prune and trim and some I would marcot or clone which means I would trim and make a cut and get a bag and put soil in and cable tie it on until the plant grows roots. You could then completely cut off the clone and plant it. Get lots of other tips in this helpful video.

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