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Browse our wide range of rare and exotic tropical and sub tropical plants to add a bit of sparkle to your garden!  New exotic plants are added regularly. Also shop our range of seeds, produce and garden supplies.  All prices include free shipping nationwide. 
Asian Turmeric Plant
$69.00 NZD
Sapodilla Plant - Air Layered
$688.00 NZD
Sapodilla Mega Plant
$269.00 NZD
Fuerte Avocado - Grafted and Cold Tolerant
$111.75 NZD $149.00 NZD
Esther Avocado - Grafted and Semi Dwarf
$111.75 NZD $149.00 NZD
Bacon Avocado - Grafted and Cold Tolerant
$111.75 NZD $149.00 NZD
Giant Green Soursop Plant
$279.00 NZD
Jujube Plant
$269.00 NZD
Cacao Plant - Large Specimen
$888.00 NZD
Tropical Indian White Guava L49
$119.00 NZD
Abiu Plant
$269.00 NZD
Red Sichuan Pepper - Matured Plant
$81.75 NZD $109.00 NZD
Coffee Arabica
$99.00 NZD
Rosella Plants
$66.75 NZD $89.00 NZD
Jackfruit - J33 Sultan
$201.75 NZD $269.00 NZD
Buddha's Hand - Matured and Grafted
$139.00 NZD
High Noon - Dessert Banana
from $139.00 NZD
Cooking Tamarind
$59.25 NZD $79.00 NZD
Carob Plant
Sold Out
Purple Sugar Apple Seeds - 5 Pack
$59.00 NZD
Abiu Seeds - 2 Pack
Sold Out
South African Curry Leaf
$89.00 NZD
Fijian Curry Leaf - Extra Large
$199.00 NZD
Casimiroa Garry White Sapote
$119.00 NZD
Cherimoya - Burton’s Favourite
$74.25 NZD $99.00 NZD
Cinnamon Plant
$179.00 NZD
EasyMarcot - Plant Propagation Mould
from $25.00 NZD