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Exotica Tropical™

Introducing Exotica Tropical™

Introducing Exotica Tropical™, a symphony of flavours and health, born from a unique fusion of botanical passion and culinary artistry. At the core of this exciting new range from Exotica NZ is our founder, Rose, whose life has been deeply intertwined with the wonders of exotic plants and the art of flavour.

This venture represents not just an addition to our offerings, but the continuation of a 30-year legacy in a highly successful family food business. Rose's passion for quality, instilled by her parents — a dedicated botanist father and a mother renowned for her culinary prowess — resonates in every aspect of Exotica Tropical™. Their combined legacy of understanding the essence of plants and perfecting the art of flavour has been integral to the development of this range, embodying Rose's unwavering commitment to excellence in everything we create and produce.

Exotical Tropical FreezeDried Durian

As we prepare to launch Exotica Tropical™, we invite you on a culinary adventure that combines a legacy of botanical knowledge, culinary expertise, and traditional wisdom. This range is more than a collection of flavors; it is a reflection of Rose's story, a tribute to her family's rich legacy, and a reimagining of tropical indulgence for the modern, health-conscious consumer. 

Exotica NZ is on a mission to redefine the culinary experience, blending flavors, health, and a passion for premium products with the luxurious tastes of tropical deliciousness.

Exotica Tropical Freeze Dried Fruit
Exotica Tropical Freeze Dried Fruit