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Vanilla Beans - Gourmet Grade (3)


Plump, moist and rich Malaysian Vanilla beans, for the first time introduced to the Western market by Exotica NZ under our sister brand Korunui. 

These Gourmet Grade Vanilla beans from the famous Vanilla Planifolia variety are grown in a small plantation in Malaysia. They are only harvested in small quantities to maintain the highest quality of each batch, before shipping to NZ for preparation and packaging. 

Our Vanilla is grown organically and ethically, gently tended by many loving hands just the way it was supposed to be. No wonder these beans taste so unique with their sweet, rich, smokey, creamy flavour.

Our vanilla beans are certified both overseas and in New Zealand for quality. We're delighted to report a moisture content of 34% (Gourmet range is 30-35%) illustrating the freshness level of the beans. With this in mind, we're confident our Korunui brand of Gourmet Vanilla Beans are superior in quality, and will translate into many many delicious treats!

Each vial contains 3 Gourmet Grade Vanilla Beans for you to enjoy!

Korunui Gourmet Vanilla Information



Moisture Content

34% (Average Moisture Content for Gourmet Grade A Vanilla is 30%-35%)


Dark Brown


15-18 cm


Sweet, creamy, smokey, fruity, rich and smooth


There's no limit in what you can do. Use in a variety of cooking and baking applications including vanilla sugar, sweet sauces, ice cream, cakes, cookies and home made vanilla extract. The vanilla seeds add a gourmet visual cue to ice cream, custards and crème brule'. Also add the beans to coffee grinds for vanilla flavored coffee and add the beans to sugar to make a vanilla sugar.


To use the bean, cut each end of vanilla bean and slice through the vanilla bean lengthwise. Remove the paste from inside the vanilla bean and use as needed.


Keep in a cool, dark and dry place. Never stored your vanilla beans in a fridge.

Dietary Preferences

All Natural, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Vanilla Beans

Amazing vanilla beans. I wasted no time getting them into the vodka I had bought in readiness. Thank you Rose that we get to enjoy these beans because of your knowledge.

Virak Rey

Vanilla Beans - Gourmet Grade (3)

The best Vanilla pods ever!

It is a very good quality vanilla pods, strong aroma, highly recommended. Really great to use for custard, baked goodies, syrups and desserts. One of the best quality of vanilla I have used here in New Zealand.

Dominic Lim
Simply the best Vanilla pods.

Guten Tag from Frankfurt, Germany.
A friend of mine who knows how much I love baking sent me this unexpected gift which I received lovingly packaged in the mail last week. All I can say is that these are simply the best Vanilla pods I have ever encountered ( and I have been through a few ) They have the characteristics one expects from great vanilla pods and then some. Plump, moist and most importantly the fragrance only fresh vanilla can bring to a dish. Made a crème pâtissière with the pods what was just heavenly( the discarded pod went straight to my bottle of caster sugar to make some vanilla sugar for later use ). I was pleasantly surprised that they will ship to the EU and will be placing an order as soon. Awesome product, highly recommended.

Truly Exceptional Amazing Vanilla!

These vanilla pods are quite honestly the best I have EVER found, anywhere in the world.

I have never seen any vanilla pod so Incredibly fragrant and fresh, firm but moist, and full up with beautiful, luscious vanilla paste inside the pod.

Rose has also packaged her vanilla pods lovingly and carefully in glass, with a secure screw top lid, which will keep them fresh and moist until you are ready to use them. Amazing! Now where have you ever seen that done with vanilla pods?

As we all know we'll, usually they are packaged in plastic, dried out and hard as a rock by the time you buy them! I bet some of us didn't even know what a truly fresh vanilla pod even looks or tastes like!

Well now we all finally have a great source for truly fresh vanilla thanks to Rose! Yay!

I can also totally see why Rose chose these particular vanilla pods for her Korunui brand. You can really feel all the love that has gone into them all along the way! They are simply exceptional, truly unparalleled in my fifty year search for the optimum vanilla pod for my baking and vanilla essence I make here at home.

Thank you so much Rose! I won't be buying vanilla pods anywhere else, EVER!