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Nice and 🔥

Pecan Nut
Nghia Ly
2 x Pecan trees

Tall and green, looks healthy. Special care with packaging.
Fast shipping to Rural Whangarei address. Thanks Rose

Freeze dried pineapple

Really loved this product, will definitely be buying again

Spunky looking plant

Looks like it will be a handsome tree

Delightful Dragonfruit

Definitely going to get more of these pretty red sweet bites. They are actually more flavorful than the fresh fruit. All this talk of storing them, love them too much to store. Took them out to a fish and chip night with a few friends, opened them and we demolished 2 packets on a once around the table.

Gotta share papaya

Super papaya, sweet as, helps me with my sweet fix. Just as well they are tiny. They burst with flavor in your mouth. unfortunately they are so nice I have eaten the whole packet. I did buy 2 so I could give one to my daughter-in-law, as she and her family love them too. I just hope I don't give in and open her packet, or there will be none left.

Perfect Pineapple

My all time favorite fruit. I'm a sweet tooth and these little bites are soooo good. I like these most as they don't have the sharp taste of fresh raw pineapple. love the crunch, then it just melts in your mouth. So good being able to seal the packet, 'cept its too easy to open to get to the rest of them.

Flavor popping papaya

reminds me of trips to the islands and the fresh papaya that they leave in your room for breakfast. They sure pop with flavor and have beneficial vitamins, making a win win all round.

monster flavor mango

Love mango in anything. These littly bitty bundles of flavor are just awesome. Taste is full flavor and lasts even when you have swallowed it.

Incredible! These durian pieces capture the essence of Musang King perfectly so rich and creamy. I usually eat the Vietnamese durian and I thought they are nice but wait till you try Exotica’s freeze dried MK durian they are top notch!

These are wonderfully sweet and crunchy. A great way to enjoy jackfruit without any mess. I mixed them with my cereal and blended some with my fruit smoothies it has a nice aroma and gives instance tropical paradise!

This is the best way to enjoy pineapple. No mess, no fuss, just pure deliciousness. I like the fact that they don’t add any sugar or preservatives into their product and it’s gluten free which added bonus.

Great for a tropical twist in my afternoon snacks. The quality is superb. The customer service from Exotica has always been top notch, I am not surprise if they will take over other brand of freeze dried fruit soon!

Perfect for jackfruit lovers looking for a sweet, convenient snack. The J33 variety is top-notch. So happy with these fruits and the customer experience with Rose and her team I just ordered another 7 packs!

These mangoes remind me of summer back home in Thailand. So fresh and full of flavour!

Healthy and incredibly satisfying! The Holland papaya slices have become my new favourite snack. They are 100% delicious. I’d like to comment on the level of customer service Rose and her team have provided me they are amazing people and very knowledgeable when it comes to tropical fruit.

These bananas are fantastic! Great for adding to cereal or just munching on their own.

These are fantastic for snacking or adding to desserts. They add a lovely crunch and flavour. The customer service from Exotica still cannot be beaten by any online retail company I’ve ever dealt with. Keep up a good work guys!

So delicious!

Excellent product! The honey jackfruit is really nice. Love the detailed description of the product. Overall I would rate 10/10 in taste and quality. Great for a quick snack and no mess. Highly recommended!

J33 Honey Jackfruit

I purchased a lot from Exotica and never disappointed. The freeze dried j33 jackfruit are incredible, full of flavour and a perfect sweet treat. Now in need to buy the plant too!

Creamy and super delicious!

Fantastic quality and taste. The freeze dried Musang King Durian is a must-try for exotic fruit enthusiasts. The order arrived within 4 days and they were packed very carefully and I really appreciate the details that goes on the packaging. Love your new website and recipes too. All the best Rose!

A delightful snack that's both healthy and satisfying. The J33 honey jackfruit is such a tropical delight! Completely taken by surprise. I will be buying this for my gym snack and taken some to work as well. I am flabbergasted to be able to eat jackfruit in Nz and this freeze dried fruit really tastes delicious, the packaging were without a doubt a premium.

A must-try for pineapple lovers. Preserves the natural taste beautifully! Perfect sized snack that I need for work and it smells heaven.

A healthy, tasty snack that satisfies my sweet tooth without any guilt. Initially I thought I would need to bake it into something but boy I was wrong. The Pisang Mas is just so flavourful, they are just as a snack.

Incredible quality! The mango tastes fresh and is packed with flavour. Highly recommend. The shipping was quick and the packaging was great.