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Our customers are important to us. We are keen to understand the experience our customers receive when shopping online and also the experience they receive from our customer service and social media messages. Here's some helpful reviews from customers, just like you. We send out a special thank you to all those who post a review about our products and service. We appreciate it.


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Golden Soursop

Good plant I received, thanks. Will trade again.

The best

A large range of exotic plants, worth the cost for something different . Excellent service and packing of orders to me

Cacao Forastero Plant
Lucy Tanner

A lovely little healthy looking plant. Loved the little extra packet of fertiliser included too.

planting the hope

Healthy plant, good packaging and delivery. New leaves are growing on the tree in my garden.

Pink Sugar Apple Seeds - 5 Pack

Calina papaya

The plant was extremely well packaged and arrived in excellent condition. I am looking forward to getting fruit from it next summer!

Golden Lotus Banana - Super Rare!

Calina IPB9 True Dwarf Papaya
Lalimma Emmanuel

Calina IPB9 True Dwarf Papaya

Sapodilla ‘Jantung’ Seeds - 3 Pack

Well packaged and labeled

South African Curry Leaf
Afinsha Jannoo
South African Curry Leaves Plant

Good size plant, great service.


My cinnamon plant arrived today. Well packaged, and looks very healthy.

Thank you

Fabulous as usual

Another great plant and great service. I can't stop buying!

Cacao Forastero Plant
Katrina Danielsen
Cocoa Forestero

All the plants I've had from Exotica come packaged amazingly. The plants are of excellent quality and continue to grow in my green house incredibly. I pot them up and they just grow so fast. Many thanks for your excellent service and fulfilling my addictions to growing exotic Fruits...I hope they do fruit ...fingers crossed🤞💕

Papaya tree has arrived!!!

Thoughtful packaging and can’t wait to see it fruit next summer!

Giant Green Soursop Plant
Bernard McGillan
Guyabano aka green soursop

Thanks for this plant 🪴 looking forward to seeing it grow

Mexicola Avo

Avocado tree arrived well packaged and healthy.

a rare tree for a CACAO aficionado

If you're a true cacao lover you'll buy this tree.
This was the Aztecs famous money tree(yes, their money grew in the trees) and what they used to prepare their famous Xocolatl drink.
Back in the day, 10+ years ago I worked for an import/export company in Europe and I managed to eat some raw cacao beans imported from Peru by an UK company. They were only dried and not fermented but were the Criollo variant. It was an instant Cupid strike...I fell in love with it. You understand why they called it Theobroma Cacao or the food of Gods. I tasted the Forastero(like this tree here) beans as well and they were amazing but not as exquisite like the Criollo. If you ever bought the cacao nibs(the only thing available here in kind of have an idea).Nevertheless even for the commercial growers, Criollo is a little more troublesome to grow than Forastero or Trinitario.
I have this plant for some(almost 5) months from Exotica and I learned how fussy it can be, 2-3 times fussier than an avocado or tamarillo or else. The good part, she tells you quickly if she's not happy. First of all we have to understand that Cacao is an equatorial plant which can grow even in some tropical conditions. Luckily I live in Northland which is subtropical but very, very at the edge of where cacao loves to be and thrive. But keep in mind that there are people who are growing it in UK or Michigan(and they take it out only in the summer time for 1-2 months when conditions are right.)
Now coming back to my personal experience: I received it very well packed like all packages which are usually send by Exotica.
I took it out and it looked very well only some burnt leaves' tips which is a common issue with cacao, anyway.
I used to keep her outside during daytime under cover on the deck and then inside during night time. She got used to it and even grew some new tips.
I also sprayed her with water as often as I remembered: growing in the rainforest it likes 100% RH (relative humidity) if it can but can survive with less but not much less. If you want to give her the super perfect condition buy a misting device!!
It is more affected by lack of humidity than lack of light.
Now, as summer came I've left her 24/7 outside on the deck and generally was fine until it got some direct sun around 30C. After a couple of days lost 15-20 leaves close to half of them, some you just touched them and fell off. Phew! Wondered, Will I lose you ?!
Gave it more TLC, back in the house for a couple of days and now is back out better protected and new tips/leaves coming out. Hip, hip hurray!!
So, it is finicky but answers quickly back when you treat her right!!
Now you know we had this rainy season and I kept it outside(except when Gabrielle hit us) and it survived being tied to a post some very severe downpours and storms. So, she can be hardy to some weather conditions but it was a gamble which I personally took!
Good luck and enjoy it!!

Great plants

Once again I have great service from exotica , plants arrived packed perfectly , the plants I am looking forward to growing and harvesting. There plants are something different which is great

Jackfruit - J33 Sultan
Jenny Huriwai

So happy with the service, packaging and condition of my Jackfruit. It now (6 weeks later) has several new leaves and is thriving. Thank you


Banana plants arrived well packed and in a good condition. I appreciate the care involved to get them packaged up and sent safely. I will be buying more in the future. Very happy with my purchase.

Jujube Plant

Plant received is good, but when I open the box was not careful, than the plant dead. It is my problem only. Sorry waste your lovely plant.


Nice tree, thanks!


I received the plant promptly - The customised packaging was the best I'd see from a nursery. The plant was flawless. This is a very high quality store and I will definitely be back.


My Dream Cocoa Tree

Thankyou, My tree arrived in great condition very well packed, and not one piece broken, great job on your part. I have it in the kitchen at present, not sure where to place it, in the hot garage, in the conservatory, under the pergoda, will leave it in the same pot awhile, but it is so lovely I just keep looking at it. It may loose some leaves I think. Before it arrived I was very sure where its new home would
be but now not so sure. Thank you so very much for starting the growing process for me. I have imported a number of seeds but none grew. Regards Bev