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Ardisia Crenata - Christmas Berry


Christmas Berry (Ardisia Crenata)

Note* This is a matured plants, they are nearly 3 years old and ready to flowers. Some already covered with berries!

The most beautiful berries you would ever seen. Very prolific with beautiful bright red berries almost all year round, and produces even brighter color berries around the Christmas time.

Very hardy plant, only need watering once a week. Plant is extremely reliable producer and require low to no maintenance at all. Make perfect gift for Christmas for moms and friends who know how to appreciate this beautiful Christmas Berry plants.

They can grow in a pot forever, and lives indoor and outdoor. In Auckland we have a large plant in a pot for years and it never failed to produce beautiful berries, the plant grows well outdoor around spring to summer. And semi covered on the porch around winter.

This is definitely a must buy plant especially for this upcoming Christmas, and have them next to your other Christmas decorations and it would really stand out!

Will grow up to 1m in height and 0.5m in width. The ultimate height will take between 5 - 8 years to achieve when grown indoors.

Disclaimer: Note that this is an ornamental berry plants and not for human or animal consumption. If swallow in large amount it becomes toxic and may cause you harm.

Plant Care 


Bright, indirect light year-round. Some direct morning sunlight is fine, but keep shaded from hot, direct midday sun


Only once a week as they are not a fan of having dry feet for too long. Once the top third of the soil has dried out, give the plant a good water over the sink to avoid water-logging issues. Whilst the specimen is holding berries, it's essential not to use cold water as this will quickly shock the roots, causing multiple issues down the line. Under-watering symptoms include rapid berry loss and dry, sunken leaves; these issues are usually due to either forgetfulness, too much sunlight or too much heat. Over-watering symptoms include rotting lower leaves, yellowing leaves, a loss of flowers or berries, and root rot. Allow the majority of the soil to dry out in between waters, preventing a pool of standing water from accumulating beneath the pot.


They will grow on almost any soil. Place the plant in rich well-drained soil and mulch with organic matter. Container growing is ideal. Only report every 2-3 years using an indoor potting mix if you are keeping it indoor the entire time.


Use a fertiliser high in potassium to prolong its flowers during the festive period - an excellent example would be a 'Tomato' labelled product. Regular fertilizers, will still do the job but will favour foliar growth instead. For the rest of the year, a standard 'Houseplant' labelled fertiliser can be used to supplement the plant, once every four weeks.




They are very drought tolerant, tolerate some frost


Plant takes 2-3 years to flower. They flower around spring right through summer. They're better off staying pot bound for several reasons, including the prevention of root r rot or transplant shock and to put momentarily stress on the plant. Although this may sound harsh, a restriction of roots is the best way to obtain flowers, as it'll send out clusters in response to becoming under threat. As long as the plant is subsequently repotted every three years in the spring, no harm is done. The plants will produce clusters of small white flowers from early summer onwards, with each bloom lasting two weeks once opened. If pollination is successful, the once white inflorescences will slowly emerge into red globular berries, staying fresh on the plant for up to eight weeks.


Is necessary to keep them small as  an ornamental berry plants in the garden. They grow pretty fast especially around summer.


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Ardisia Crenata - Christmas Berry

Nice short plant with a lot of green berry. Lovely.