6 Interesting Facts About Jackfruit Plants

6 Interesting Facts About Jackfruit Plants

At Exotica NZ, we really believe that knowledge is power. And it's even better when shared. So, let's dive into some cool facts about Jackfruit plants that we've talked about before, but here's a refreshed take with a bit more detail.

Jackfruit Flower
Did you know the Jackfruit tree has both male and female flowers? Here's something you won't typically find in a book!

1. Male flowers don't fully mature.
2. They pop up on new branches, in between leaves and often higher up than female flowers, but still close by.
3. Female flowers? They grow directly on older branches.
4. When male flowers become fruit, they have a soft and velvety outer layer skin and drop off once the female flower gets about ten times bigger.
5. Female flowers, on the other hand, turn into fruit with a rougher skin and keep growing until they're fully ripe.
6. And here's a neat way to tell them apart: the fruit from female flowers when young has a unique circle lip on top, but the males don't.

Hope you find these plant facts as fun and interesting as I do! 🙂

Rose x
Exotica NZ