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Calina IPB9 True Dwarf Papaya


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First time in NZ!

Pre Order for March 2024 Delivery! 

We are so excited to bring you the almighty Papaya Calina IBP9!

For the first time in New Zealand and exclusive to Exotica!! These were selectively bred over 10 generations (non GMO) to create a Papaya that is:

- Non astringent
- No smell
- Disease Resistant and become more cold tolerant once established
- Large fruit to 2.5kg
- Longer shelf life once picked
- Small cavity with more flesh
- Extremely sweet
- The only true dwarf Papaya
- Hermaphrodite - every plant bears fruit
- Max mature height in the ground is 1.5m, less in a pot
- Bears fruit 6-10 months after planting in ideal climate

Disclaimer: We highly recommend the young plant stays in a greenhouse or under covered area through winter.  

Plant Care Instructions Doc

Plant Care 


Prefer full sun and need a lot of heat. They stay dormant around winter time, and catch up on growth again towards the end of spring. Young plants need partial shade. around summer. 


They don't like too much water at all. Water only once a week around winter and colder month, 2-3 times a week in hot summer.  Please create a drip line around plant.


Well drained soil is crucial, highly composted and best grown on the mound. Please add sand or 50% pumice to the potting mix.


They love organic matter like old cow and chicken manure. Give them a diluted seaweed juice weekly during growth season in spring right through the summer. Give complete granular fertiliser 4 times a year. The ideal NPK is 14-14-14, though 10-10-10 is acceptable as well.


Keep under cover when young and as the plant matures and established they only need some protection from heavy winds especially during flowering season. When the plant is bearing fruit in full mode it might need staking to support the plant. 


Protect from frost. Confidently cold tolerant to 15c. They will survive down to 7/8c but below this they will suffer. Best to have a protection cover during cold nights and winter. Ideal in a pot under clear roof cover or in a polytunnel. With a pot they can be brought inside easily as they mature to 1m high in a pot. 


Within a year from planting, they should produce fruit if they receive a lot of heat and catch up on growth around spring right through the summer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews

I can’t get them to grow, so fragile. Bought 2 and one died in the first month.


Does this need a greenhouse?

Trudi Webber

Calina IPB9 True Dwarf Papaya

Kathryn Boyes
Great value

My papaya arrived, looking super healthy, in the most amazing packaging. Nothing was going to damage my little plant. Plus it was much bigger than I was expecting. Excellent value for money. I am looking forward to being able to purchase again in the future.

Richard Holden
Looking forward to some fruit next season

Plant looks strong, planted out in a 50 litre pot, fertiliser sachet provided so added it with some pumice for drainage and potash for a headstart