Jambu or Red Wax Apple / What does Jambu taste like?

What does a Jambu or Red Wax Apple taste like?

Have you ever wondered what the Jambu or Red Wax Apple fruit looks and tastes like? Watch this video.

When I was growing up we had the Jambu or Wax Apple tree in our back yard. We have the lightish, greenish version and the red version and also the white version which has tiny little Jambu that are not sweet. It's quite nice to use them as a salad or with sambal as well. The red version of the tiny little jambu is also so, so nice.

The flesh of the Jambu is much like an apple.

It tastes so sweet and juicy. Wow. So delicious and nice I can't stop eating it. It tastes like an apple but much more juicy and lighter and not so starchy like an apple. I think I could eat this every day. 

The good news is you can grow these in New Zealand and we're lucky here at Exotica to have these plants. In time we are hoping we will have enough of a supply of the plants to be able to sell these to you!

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