What does Inga Bean, Icecream Bean or Snow Fruit taste like?

What does Inga Bean, Ice Cream Bean or Snow Fruit taste like?

Ever wondered what Inga Bean or Ice Cream Bean tastes like? In Malaysia & Indonesia it's often called Snow Fruit. Well, it tastes a lot like cotton candy and you'll be surprised to see what the fruit is like inside the pod. It's wool or cotton like and the texture is quite spongy and floss like with a velvety finish. Inside are big seeds which are really easy to grow.

The Inga Bean plant is also a nitrogen plant so its great for the soil in your garden. Because it can grow quite tall, some people think the Inga Bean is a weed, but it's not. The plant is deciduous and will die off in the winter but come back again. The Inga Bean pods can be quite large in size. Find out more about this amazing plant in the video.

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