What does Red Dragonfruit taste like?

What does Red Dragon Fruit taste like?

Have you ever seen the exotic looking Red Dragon fruit and wondered how it tastes? Watch this video and I'll let you know.

Dragon fruit is so amazing and everyone should grow these amazing plants in their own backyard.  They are easy to grow and Dragon fruit is pretty much an idiot proof plant to grown because, if you're busy, they don't require a particular fertilising regime. But, if you do give it the right kind of love with the right combination and fertiliser, you will get much better yield and better tasting fruit.

Dragon fruit don't take too long to grow, around 45-70+ days. You can cut Dragon fruit and peel off the skin and eat the juicy flesh. The fruit itself tastes so good! It's got such a beautiful red flesh and it can stain your hands, but don't worry too much about that. The flavour is really, really amazing!

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