What does Sapodilla fruit taste like?

What does Sapodilla or Chicoo taste like?

Are you a fan of Chicoo/Chikoo or Sapodilla fruit or have you ever wondered what Sapodilla tastes like? Watch me taste Sapodilla Mega fruit.

The flesh is similar to a persimmon when you cut it, but the flesh is like a jelly as this fruit is really ripe and smells like brown sugar.

It's tastes really smooth and different. This Sapodilla is delicious and similar to persimmon crossed with a Black Sapote with a butterscotch flavour. This one in particular is so pleasant and so nice to eat. Some varieties of Sapodilla can be quite grainy or sandy in texture but this Sapodilla is jelly like, sweet and light. It's not overwhelming and you could definitely eat more than one.  In my view is Sapodilla Mega is the best variety. 

The Sapodilla Mega is bigger than other varieties. If you have the opportunity to try this fruit or if you are in Malaysia, definitely try it. You can also grow these yourself at home in a pot first and then grow it in your back yard. 

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