What does yellow dragonfruit taste like?

What does Yellow Dragon Fruit taste like?

I have been waiting to show you this for a very long time and finally I am able to do it. It is a yellow skin dragon fruit.  It is pretty amazing because in general they are much sweeter compared to the red or white flesh dragon fruit. They are typically hard to find in New Zealand or New Zealand grown yellow dragon fruit, but you can find them imported from Vietnam. 

I eat lots of dragon fruit from Thailand and Malaysia but maybe I am biased but I think New Zealand homegrown dragon fruit are the best!   We are lucky that we have secured some yellow dragon fruit plants which are great for those people who don't have a lot of time to grow and take care of plants. The dragon fruit plant doesn't require a lot of maintenance or fertiliser just a decent amount of heat.

I recommend you buy dragon fruit plants from a very mature cutting or the mother plants must have already produced fruit before. Don't just buy the plant because they look big, it just doesn't mean that they are an older plant.

I have cut the plant and have a bite and it is delicious. It is definitely sweeter than the normal white and not as sweet as New Zealand red ones, but its really refreshing, delicious and nutritious.

We have a number of dragon fruit plants on our website that all come from mature cuttings to give you the best result. We will deliver them in a nice package, so it gets to you safe and sound.

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