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Tropical Plants

These tropical plants do well in warm tropical climates, so better suited to the northern parts of New Zealand and/or under a greenhouse or similar.
Queen Pineapple
from $99.00 NZD
Shampoo Ginger
$119.00 NZD
Jackfruit - J33 Sultan
$199.00 NZD $299.00 NZD
Sugar Cane
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Kent Mango Plant
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Starfruit Carambola - Honeyed Iron Star
from $149.00 NZD
Cashew Nut Plant - Red Apple
$199.00 NZD $299.00 NZD
Cinnamon Plant
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Longan - Kohala
from $179.00 NZD
Insulin Plant - Orange Flower
$99.00 NZD
Medjool Dates
$119.00 NZD
Cooking Tamarind
$79.00 NZD
All Spice
$179.00 NZD
Sweet Tamarind
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Indoor Kentia Palm
$143.65 NZD $169.00 NZD
Rose Apple
from $99.00 NZD
Tropical Indian White Guava L49
$119.00 NZD