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Asian Cooking

View the best plants to buy and have in your garden which are best used in Asian cooking and recipes.
Calamansi - Grafted
Sold Out
Cinnamon Plant
$179.00 NZD
Kaffir Lime - Grafted
$99.00 NZD
Rosella Plants
$66.75 NZD $89.00 NZD
Asian Lemongrass
$69.00 NZD
Myoga Japanese Ginger
$59.25 NZD $79.00 NZD
Cooking Tamarind
$59.25 NZD $79.00 NZD
All Spice
$179.00 NZD
Sweet Tamarind
$199.00 NZD
South African Curry Leaf
$89.00 NZD
Fijian Curry Leaf - Extra Large
$199.00 NZD
Asian Turmeric Plant
$69.00 NZD
Red Sichuan Pepper - Matured Plant
$81.75 NZD $109.00 NZD