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Buy rare exotic tropical and sub tropical plants. These items are hard to come by and rarely offered for sale in New Zealand!! Be in quick as numbers are strictly limited and often seasonal.
Golden Soursop - super rare!
$249.00 NZD
Medjool Dates
$119.00 NZD
All Spice
$179.00 NZD
Cacao Forastero Plant
$269.00 NZD
Cinnamon Plant
$179.00 NZD
Abiu Seeds - 2 Pack
Sold Out
Purple Sugar Apple Seeds - 5 Pack
$59.00 NZD
Abiu Plant
$269.00 NZD
Cacao Plant - Large Specimen
$888.00 NZD
Jujube Plant
$269.00 NZD
Giant Green Soursop Plant
$279.00 NZD
Sapodilla Mega Plant
$269.00 NZD
Sapodilla Plant - Air Layered
$688.00 NZD
Longan Kohala Plant - Grafted
$688.00 NZD