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Pinkerton Avocado - Grafted and Dwarf


Large sized pear shaped fruit with a green pebble  skin, easy to peel. Rich and creamy flesh with high oil content and more distinctive and pronounced avocado flavours. It has smaller seed ratio to flesh. The fruit  ripens when the skin is deeper green. Fruit size is from 300 to 450g. Quite cold tolerant. Love the coastal area. 

Light yellow/green flowers appear in abundance on the end of the branches in spring. 'A’ Type; not a tall plant, reasonably dwarf size so easy to manage, early producer and very productive and highly sought after. Does not need two plant to fruit but having another variety closeby helps with cross pollination and fruit set and gives tastier fruit.  In the cooler climates opening and closing of the flower tends to overlap therefore making them more self-fertile. Bees and flies are the pollinators. Cross pollination with Bacon, Fuerte or Edranol will improve fruit set. Grafted onto Zutano rootstock.

Harvest - August to October. Fruiting will begin 1-3 years from planting. The fruit take 9-12 months to mature depending on the variety and the amount of heat during the year. At maturity pick fruit and ripen at room temperature.

Most of the grafted Avocado plants will start flowering as early as 18 months when planted in the ground or in a planter box and given the right conditions and care.

Plant is 2+ years. 

Plant Care 

Avocados need to be planted in a warm, sheltered sunny position. Protect the plant from wind when young. Avocado plants are very salt tolerant.

Avocados do not need too much water; the winter and spring rainfall is probably sufficient but give them a lot more water in summer. It is important to not let the young plant dry out or sit in the water. They don’t like wet feet. 

Avocados are suitable for any free draining soil. If planting in clay soils incorporate a clay breaker prior to planting. If planting in a pot or planter box, add some scoria at the bottom of the pot or planter for a good drainage system. It is also best to plant them on the mound.

Avocados are shallow rooting, therefore stake young plants and mulch well to protect the surface roots and retain moisture. In the home garden you can let one of the rootstock suckers grow as a pollinator. But you must control this sucker otherwise it could take over and kill the main plant.

Fertilise your avocado plant every 3-4 months during the growing season. Feed the young trees with 100gms of high Nitrogen fertiliser per application. Gradually increase the rate for older trees. Organic fertiliser in early spring like chicken manure will help soil texture and improve the plant tolerance to Phytophthora (root disease).

We recommend to prune the plant in April each year and to keep them up to 2 to 3 metres high so it’s easier to harvest the fruit and to maintain the desired shape and size if you do not have a large garden size.

Avocados can be planted close to each other to encourage cross pollination and early fruiting.

Avocados are prone to pests such as Phytophthora. Keep an eye on the young plants. Grafted plants can start bearing fruit as early as 18 months with the right conditions and care. They are frost tender, especially while young, so protect with frost cloth. Hardy to -2 to -3°C once established.

Add blood and bone in and around the hole prior to planting. When planting try to minimise any disturbances to the root system.

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Healthy Pinkerton

Very well packed and healthy looking Pinkerton avocado would buy again B avocado in the future and an Persimmon tree. Thanks

Jackson Win

Good packaging, plant made the journey with next to no damage. Nice healthy tree

Graeme Bird
Thanks again

Great plants and well packaged....

Sandra Harward
Great large healthy avacardo

As about the avocado arrived well boxed and very healthy looking. It's a great size with heaps of leaves. Very happy with this plant

Alastair Pasley

Pinkerton Avocado - Grafted