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Reed Avocado - Grafted


Reed Avocado (Persea americana)

Large round green fruit with a smooth dark, thick glossy skin. Smooth and delicate flavour. The skin ripens green. Fruit size is from 480grms to 680grms.

Habit - Avocado tree forms a thick canopy giving dense shade with it's large, dark green, leathery leaves.

Pollination - Light yellow/green flowers appear in abundance on the end of the branches in spring. 'A' Type flower. The female opens in the morning the first day for 2 to 3 hours and then closes. The male flower opens in the afternoon of the second day for 2 to 3 hours then closes. Hence cross pollination of two varieties helps in the warmer climates. In the cooler climates opening and closing of the flower tends to overlap therefore making them more self-fertile. Bees and flies are the pollinators. Cross pollination with 'B' Type flowering variety - Hashimoto, Bacon or Fuerte.

Harvest - February to April. Fruiting will begin 2 to 3 years from planting. The fruit take 9-12 months to mature depending on the variety and the amount of heat during the year. At maturity pick fruit and ripen at room temperature.

Most of the grafted Avocado plants will start flowering as early as 18 months when planted in the ground or in a planter box and given the right conditions and care.

Plant is 2+ years. 

Plant Care  


Planted in warm sheltered position.


Plenty of water around summer, less during winter. Never let the soil dry out or the root to soak in water


Well-draining, mulch well to keep moist all year around. Preferred to be planted on the mound. Can't tolerate clayish soil. Add scoria at the bottom of planter/pot for good drainage and some blood and bone in the hole prior to planting


Every 4 weeks from spring to autumn. Love seaweed juice. Mulch and use any kind of fertilizer. Nitrogen hungry.  Give chicken manure 3 times a year  


Keep away from strong wind. Young or small plants will require a protection cover to establish well. Stake the plant /branch for support


Frost tender when young, provide shade or cloth cover during winter. An exception is the Mexicola variety which is very frost tolerant


1-2 years for grafted and cutting grown. 4+ years from seedlings. Need A and B type to set fruit. Plant flowers like lavender close by to encourage bees around


Every 1st April for vigorous growth the following season


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Carol Winterburn
Reed Avocado - Grafted

Well packed, and seems to be growing well in spite of being in a cold area. Great little tree. Thank you