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Black Sapote (Chocolate Pudding Fruit) - Bernicker


Black Sapote (Diospyros nigra)

Black sapote Bernicker is a prolific producer , a medium to large fruit with few seeds, sweet and creamy and excellent quality.

The black sapote is a fantastic fruit and highly sought after. There's a clue as to the reason for the excitement surrounding black sapote in its nickname, 'chocolate pudding fruit'. The ripe flesh of black sapote certainly does look like chocolate mousse and has virtually the same texture too.

Whilst the flavour is not the same as chocolate mousse some people do note subtle chocolate-like flavours amongst other flavours including honey, date and caramel. We would regard this fruit as medium-sweet to sweet with a subtle delicate flavour.

The skin of the fruit is bright-green turning to olive-green as they mature on the tree and finally very dark green to brown once ripe and ready to eat.

The gloss dark brown flesh of the fruit is soft, loose and buttery. It's like a really soft, slightly-mashed avocado. There are usually a few medium sized seeds in the middle of the fruit.

A must have for the Plant Enthusiast.

Although some seedlings are not true to type they will still be producing a great tasting fruit in years to come. Black Sapote seedlings are known to produce a great tasting fruit.

Plant Care:


Full sun, part shade. Partial shade for the young plant until about 2 years.



Need regular watering and irrigation system set up during dry and hot weather especially when the plant is young. Never let the soil dry when the plant is small.


It grows in all soil types, preferably in light and well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter. Best to keep them in a pot for the first 1-2 years or until the plant is around 30-60cm high.


Fertilizer formulas should vary with the nature of the soil and size of the tree. Feed small trees small amounts of NPK often to hasten growth. Increase the overall amount given per year as the tree matures, but reduce the feedings to twice a year (spring and autumn). 


Can tolerate a reasonable wind but young plant need protection cover to establish.


Need protection from frost the first few years. Protection cover is needed. Once established can be quite hardy


 5-7 years

Customer Reviews

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Nikki Greenwood

Nice big healthy plant and great packaging. Thanks!

Susan Morrison

The plant arrived and is beautiful and healthy

Quality, healthy plant

The Black Sapote plant arrived in prestine condition packaged very well with ample appropriate moisture in the soil. The plant itself had an established root system. At this point have had the plant for almost a month, I repotted into a larger pot the day of arrival and since have had 3 new emerging leaves. I am very impressed with the quality of the plant