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Cocoir Plant Mulch Mat - Round


Size: 26cm

3 pieces set in round shape

The Cocoir Plant Mulch Mats are 100% made from the long fibres of the coconut husk bound with biodegradable natural latex to form a dense but light mat, perfect for the indoor and the outdoor plants.

Serves as natural weed mat and more effective  than the loose mulch, perfect for protecting plants from weed, made from natural coco coir fibre, it is a great  plant cover  against frost allowing water, air and nutrients to get to the roots of the plant.

Perfect for the young plants to establish. The mat also conserves soil moisture by slowing evaporation.

The mat is durable, natural in colour. The material can be left exposed or covered with decorative bark or mulch.

An environmentally friendly product, Cocoir Plant Mulch Mat is completely biodegradable and will eventually break down. Trials indicate that the mat will retain its structure for at least 18 months, however, this will vary depending on environmental conditions. As the mat breaks down it enriches the soil with organic material.

The Cocoir Plant Mulch Mat can be cut into smaller sizes to fit the size of your pot. 


- It is easy to slip them around a tree trunk of any size. Just use a pair of scissor to customise and enlarge the centre.
- When used outdoors, it is advisable to use them with a staples, a peg or even place a stone on top  of the mat to prevent this.