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Exotica EasyMove Woven Planter Bag


Size: 25 L

Exotica EasyMove Woven Planter Bag/Grow Bags - with Handles

Our EasyMove Woven Planter Bag comes with strong handles for easy use. It’s convenient and very practical.

The bags was made for tough weather conditions in NZ, using a laminated Polyethylene (PE) 150gsm plastic.

Our bags are UV stabilised. The panels are stitched with nylon for durability alongside drainage holes on the side and bottom of the bags. The bags are made with an ease of transport and moving house in mind.

A must have bag if you are in a renting situation, or in a plant establishment phase prior to ground planting. Also works well if you need to move the plant indoors or outdoors due to weather conditions.

Available in different sizes.

Please contact us for pricing of bulk orders.

Note: Our green PE woven bags are tougher than the black woven bags of similar style  available in the market and will last up to 2 -3 years longer depending on the level of care and prolonged period of weather exposure.


 Size Dimensions
25 L 250mm x 360mm
30 L 310mm x 340mm
40 L 410mm x 340mm
50 L 390mm x 400mm
70 L 470mm x 440mm
100 L - Tall 520mm x 500mm 
100 L - Short 420mm x 560mm 
110 L
410mm x 580mm
140 L 540mm x 580mm
180 L 590mm x 620mm
200 L 650mm x 600mm