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Banganpalle Mango

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Size: Medium

Banganpalle Mango (Mangifera indica)

Banganapalle is an oval-shaped mango with golden yellowish skin with hints of red and is larger in size where a single mango weights about 400g. These mangoes have a pulp that is fibreless firm and yellowish with a sweet juicy taste. They are mostly used to make juice, sorbet and ice cream as they are highly rich in the pulp. 

Medium- 1-2 years
Large - 2-3 years

Photo #2 gives sizing indications for small, medium, large, extra large.

Although some seed grown plants are not true to type, they will still provide you with a delicious tasting fruit in years to come.

Plant Care Instructions Doc

Plant Care 


Prefer full sun. A south facing wall is an ideal place to plant. Suitable for indoor growing with ample light exposure to ripen fruit.


Water regularly around summer. Water once a week or less during winter. Will have higher success with cover over and protection from the rain.


Well-draining. Keep the soil just moist during growing season. Happy to be in a big pot but soil must be topped up regularly. For pot growing use citrus specific soil.


Regular liquid fertiliser with high Phosphorus content every 3 months. Apply  citrus food vigorously during growth time, alternate with fish fertiliser high in nitrogen. Stop fertilising for 2 months after harvesting to encourage new bloom and growth cycle. Do not apply fertiliser when the plant is fruiting. 


Shelter from wind. Young plants need to be staked and protected.


Protect from frost, top cover is important.


1-2 years for grafted and cutting grown. 3+ years from seedlings.